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Worm Gear Kit

The driving worm shaft acts like a screw as it turns the worm gear. The geometry of the worm shaft and worm gear is unique and results in the following limitation: the worm shaft can turn the worm gear, but the worm gear cannot rotate the worm shaft. In contrast, other gear types can be operated in reverse. This one-way operation can be beneficial for some applications that only move in one direction (i.e. some conveyor belts).

Worm Gear Booklet 8.5 x 5.5.png
Small Spurs 2.png

Different gears. Same connection. Endless possibilities.

Gear Board Only.png
Gear Board Only.png

Connect with other boards!

Worm Gear Kit.png

Each Worm Gear Kit includes 12 modular pieces and a booklet with an introduction to gear theory, guided activities, and practice problems.

*all pieces not shown

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