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Spur Gear Kit

You probably see the symbol of a gear every day. The toothed wheel is the universal icon for most "Settings" apps. This classic gear silhouette reveals the shape of the most basic gear type: the spur gear. Spur gears have a simple geometry and are inexpensive to manufacture; however, they can be noisy at high speeds.

Don't just learn about it, experience it! TM

Spur Gear Booklet 8.5 x 5.5 (1).png
Spur Gear pg 10.png
Small Spurs 2.png

Different gears. Same connection. Endless possibilities.

Gear Board Only.png
Gear Board Only.png

Connect with other boards!

What's included:

Spur Gear Kit.png


- 15 modular pieces
- Quick Start Guide
- Storage case
- Dynamix sticker

+ $10

- Spur Gear book (PDF)
- Guided problems (PDF)
- Step-by-step solutions (PDF)

* all pieces not shown

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